Burglaries in the Area!

Dear Resident(s),

We are contacting you to inform you of a recent spate of burglaries in the Carpenterstown/Riverwood & Luttrelstown areas in the past weeks/month.  

At the beginning of March, the Riverwood resident's  association forwarded on an email in which they indicated they had four burglaries in the one night. 

Then on the night of 16th/17th March, two houses were broken into in Sycamore & Maple.    And again on the 23rd, two more houses were burgled.   

The Gardaí are aware of all the incidents and are actively investigating these crimes, with some definite leads into a number of groups. 

We would urge all residents to be vigilant and take note of suspicious activity, we would encourage residents to 
a) set their alarms at night
b) ensure any bins are located inside their side gates, and closing boundary gates(if any)
c) consider getting motion detector lights for their house
d) review their home security wrt windows and doors 

Please see attached Garda leaflet on Home Security.

If you or a neighbour are a victim of a burglary,  please contact the Gardaí in Blanchardstown and let us know. 

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association
Email: carpenterstownparkresidents@gmail.com
Web:   www.carpenterstownparkra.com

CPRA Meeting Agenda

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association
Committee Meeting

Date: Monday Mar 02, 2015
Community Centre
8.00 pm


  • Minutes of previous meeting
  • Matters Arising
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • AOB

CPRA Feb Minutes of Meeting

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association

Minutes of Meeting

Date: Monday Feb 02, 2015
Venue: Community Centre
8.00 p.m.

Attendance: Caroline Crawford, Dympna Dolan, John Kennedy,
Eileen Lambert, Margaret Lawlor, Francis Taaffe and Sean O’ Neill.

1. Minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting were adapted.

2. Matters Arising
• Regarding traffic issues it was noted that Riverwood Residents Association have requested also a reduction in the speed limit from 50kph to 30kph. Francis advised that by law the limit in proximity of schools is 30kph thus the submissions relate to distributor and link roads.
• Eileen advised on a traffic survey having been conducted on Sycamore Avenue. Sean agreed to follow up with Cllr Roderic O’ Gorman to find out if the survey committed to by the county council was carried out.
• The Christmas trees left on the green were all removed and it as suggested advising the council to put the signs up earlier next Christmas.
• Damien O’ Brien is willing to update our website and he will liaise with Ather Bokari on this.
• Following the last meeting some discussion took place about adding service provider information on our website. Many views were expressed and the decision reached was to not have the website used for this purpose. However, due to the number of break ins in the area it was suggested that this information be uploaded for the benefit of residents

3. Treasurer’s Report
No change. The bank balance currently is €2,865.02.

4. AOB
Margaret reported that a street light on Maple Drive was broken and asked if anybody knew who has responsibility of fixing it. Francis advised that each street light lamppost has an ID and it’s likely that the county council or the electricity provider bears responsibility for repairs and maintenance. Sean offered to contact Dabney about this.
The roundabout at Maple Drive has become overgrown with weeds. The planting of the grasses which was done some time ago was not completed properly and hence the proliferation of weeds since. Dympna agreed to follow up with Ruairi O’ Dualing. Francis complimented the Association on the bulb planting and suggested wild flowers be sown along the railway line on Sycamore Green. The county council could be approached to carry out this work.
The date for the Spring Clean Up Day was provisionally agreed to be April 25th.

The next meeting will be on Monday March 02, 2015 at 8.00 pm

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association Meeting

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association

The next meeting will be on Monday February 02, 2015 at 8.00 pm

Security Issues!

Hi Everyone,
It has been brought to the attention of the CPRA that there have been a number of robberies in the local area over the last few weeks and months. We would like to pass on some useful tips on how to protect yourself and your property over the Christmas Season.

1) Secure all Doors and Windows
2) Light up your home, use timer switches when out
3) Stores keys safely and away from windows and letterboxes
4) Record details of Valuables and Don't keep large amounts of cash at home
5) Use your Alarm, even when at home