John Craddock & Co. are currently completing works to the QBC corridor on Carpenterstown Avenue between Maple & Laverna roundabouts. We want to thank many Residents, especially who took action and prevented:-
1. Narrow, insignificant ‘Ghost lines’ which were initially painted around all new pedestrian islands (Maple Drive, Laverna entrance, Sycamore/Bramley entrances) were widened by line painters two weeks ago at the request of a resident of Maple Drive. Concern regarding retaining safety for pedestrian traffic, especially for all school children traveling via these locations was the primary consideration to this request being made.
2. Initial change of bus stop location at Sycamore Park. This bus stop was moved approximately 20 feet to a new location without prior consultation with any residents of
Carpenterstown Park. The new location would not have provided ‘safe public view’ for passengers both waiting for and alighting from the No. 37 Bus on the Sycamore Park side. The bus stop was moved back closer to its original site thanks to the input from Residents from Sycamore Park!

3. Verge width. We were initially advised that the width of the verge from the edge of the pedestrian footpath to the road on
Carpenterstown Avenue would be retained at all stages at no less than 2meter. Thanks to actions and input by Residents of Sycamore Avenue, this measurement was retained.

4. Trees. Originally
Fingal County Council’s Parks Department intended to place one variety of tree (Hornbeam) along Carpenterstown Avenue. Special thanks to a Resident of Cherry Lawn who provided invaluable horticultural advice to this Association re tree varieties which was used by this Association in its negotiations with the Parks department.

The recent QBC Corridor development on
Carpenterstown Avenue highlighted primarily that unadvertised changes to the final QBC development plans were made by Fingal County Council. Without the vigilance of local residents, the above and other items of concern would have been raised too late. Thank you to all who got involved!

Fingal County Council's Parks Department has generously offered to provide plantings to the current three roundabouts at Maple Drive, Laverna and Sycamore Avenue/Bramley. The Parks Department has also offered to provide additional tree plantings to Sycamore Green. More information will be forthcoming.