CPRA Meeting Agenda

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association
Committee Meeting

Date: Monday Mar 02, 2015
Community Centre
8.00 pm


  • Minutes of previous meeting
  • Matters Arising
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • AOB

CPRA Feb Minutes of Meeting

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association

Minutes of Meeting

Date: Monday Feb 02, 2015
Venue: Community Centre
8.00 p.m.

Attendance: Caroline Crawford, Dympna Dolan, John Kennedy,
Eileen Lambert, Margaret Lawlor, Francis Taaffe and Sean O’ Neill.

1. Minutes
The minutes of the previous meeting were adapted.

2. Matters Arising
• Regarding traffic issues it was noted that Riverwood Residents Association have requested also a reduction in the speed limit from 50kph to 30kph. Francis advised that by law the limit in proximity of schools is 30kph thus the submissions relate to distributor and link roads.
• Eileen advised on a traffic survey having been conducted on Sycamore Avenue. Sean agreed to follow up with Cllr Roderic O’ Gorman to find out if the survey committed to by the county council was carried out.
• The Christmas trees left on the green were all removed and it as suggested advising the council to put the signs up earlier next Christmas.
• Damien O’ Brien is willing to update our website and he will liaise with Ather Bokari on this.
• Following the last meeting some discussion took place about adding service provider information on our website. Many views were expressed and the decision reached was to not have the website used for this purpose. However, due to the number of break ins in the area it was suggested that this information be uploaded for the benefit of residents

3. Treasurer’s Report
No change. The bank balance currently is €2,865.02.

4. AOB
Margaret reported that a street light on Maple Drive was broken and asked if anybody knew who has responsibility of fixing it. Francis advised that each street light lamppost has an ID and it’s likely that the county council or the electricity provider bears responsibility for repairs and maintenance. Sean offered to contact Dabney about this.
The roundabout at Maple Drive has become overgrown with weeds. The planting of the grasses which was done some time ago was not completed properly and hence the proliferation of weeds since. Dympna agreed to follow up with Ruairi O’ Dualing. Francis complimented the Association on the bulb planting and suggested wild flowers be sown along the railway line on Sycamore Green. The county council could be approached to carry out this work.
The date for the Spring Clean Up Day was provisionally agreed to be April 25th.

The next meeting will be on Monday March 02, 2015 at 8.00 pm

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association Meeting

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association

The next meeting will be on Monday February 02, 2015 at 8.00 pm

Next Meeting Agenda

Committee Meeting

Monday Dec 01, 2014

Community Centre

8.00 pm


  • Minutes of previous meeting
  • Matters Arising
  • Speeding on Sycamore Ave – Fingal County Council Update
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • AOB

Information Update

The current officer roles are; Chairperson is Sean O' Neill, Secretary is Dympna Dolan and the Treasurer is Caroline Crawford.
The Autumn schedule of work includes two events, as follows:
1. The Bulb Planting programme will take place on Saturday, November 8th from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm. A selection of bulbs to include daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops will be planted. In the springtime next year and for years to come the residents in and visitors to our neighbourhood will have the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure that flowers can bring. This is a follow-on bulb planting programme from the one which commenced last autumn.
2.  The Leaf Clean Up Day will take place on Saturday, November 15th from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm.
All residents, in particular the children, are encouraged to participate in both events. However, if it's possible to make just one of them it's very much appreciated. 
The next committee meeting is scheduled for Monday 3rd November at 8.00 pm in the Community Centre 

CPRA Meeting

Our next Meeting will take place on Monday the 6 Oct, 2014 at 8.00pm at Castleknock Community Centre, Laurel Lodge. All Residents are welcome to join and we look forward to meeting with you then.

CPRA Next Meeting

The Residents Association is on summer hiatus and our next Meeting will take place on Monday the 1st of September 2014 at 8.00pm at Castleknock Community Centre, Laurel Lodge. All Residents are welcome to join and we look forward to meeting with you then"

CPRA Meeting!

Next meeting is on Monday May12th.
This meeting was scheduled for Monday 5th May but as it's a public holiday it has been deferred to the following Monday.

CPRA Meeting!

Our next meeting will take place on Monday 3rd March 2014. 

Meeting Monday January 13th 2014. 

The Committee agreed at its January 13th meeting to meeting in March as there are no matters pending at this time. The next meeting on Monday March 3rd will focus on the Spring Clean Up Day and also any matters existing in the area. All interested Residents are encouraged to participate and please attend the next meeting! 
Water Meters Installation Currently in Progress
Irish Water have commenced via contractor Farrans and its subcontractors, water meter installation in and around Maple estate. Sycamore is to commence on or around Monday 20th January with Cherry Estate to follow
the 2 pamphlets which have been distributed to every home in the 3 estates. The 1st introduces Irish Water and the steps being taken to install water metres. The 2nd gives the installation date for your home on its front and describes the water meter installation process. As it says in the leaflet - NONE OF THE EMPLOYEES CARRYING OUT THE INSTALLATION PROCESS NEED ACCESS TO YOUR HOME! Residents should never give any stranger access to their home for any reason without due caution. 

If you have any queries during the installation process, please contact Irish Water on 1890 278 278.

Meeting Dates for 2013-14

Next Meeting - Monday 2nd September 2013
Monday 7th October
Monday 4th November
Monday 2nd December

Monday 6th January
Monday 3rd February
Monday 3rd March
Monday 7th April 
Monday 5th May
Monday 9th June
Monday 7th July

All meetings at Castleknock Community Centre, Laurel Lodge at 8PM.

CPRA update

MESSAGE FROM Community Gardai

Our Community Garda Michael McCoy has advised that there has been another big drop in Burglaries over the past 3 months in our vicinity. One robbery occurred in OAKTREE estate, and one in MAPLE within that time. In one instance, he advises keys were fished out through the letter box and in another access was gained through a back door. Garda McCoy advises the fishing through the letterbox is still being used actively – advice is DO NOT LEAVE YOUR KEYS within reach of your letterbox. He also advised several arrests have taken place in the Castleknock area and this appears to have helped to lower the crime rates.

CPRA update



JULY - Monday 1st July 8PM


SEPTEMBER - Monday 2/09 8PM 


As per our Spring newsletter distributed the 1st and 2nd weeks of April, Committee members are currently carrying out the subscription collection of €2.00 and an email/mobile contact for future communication so that Residents can be updated on water outages (almost daily in parts of Dublin 15) or security alerts. We expect to have this completed in the next few weeks, so look out for us. 
Committee members are doing this in pairs and no one else is acting for the Committee. If anyone calls to the door and you are unsure, don't give out your information - email us and we'll confirm if we called to your door. 


AVOID MID-DAY Spraying. The Council have advised us that spraying of pesticides (weed-killer/insect control ) during DAWN TO DUSK hours is impacting nation-wide on the BEE population.  Bees keep flowers/vegetables growing year after year - this year the BEE populationi is substantially down.  Advice when spraying, keep the spray nozzle directed LOW and over only the area you are spraying; Ideal spraying times are early morning (after dew has dried - 10am and early dusk @6.30pm - AVOID MID-DAY SPRAYING. Also - avoid spraying with the wind coming at you - it will blow the spray back onto you and could cause breathing problems.


Ministers Leo Varadkar and Joan Burton have announced that a new 150 million school building project fund has been allocated by the Department of Education. Included in that 150 million Euro project is Castleknock Community College's Extension/Refurbishment. For more information - visit link and click on left side under NEWS. This long-waited extension is now going to Tender. The Parents Association has conveyed its thanks to all Community groups and Parents who contributed time and efforts to this important campaign.


Monday 10th June 2013 at Castleknock Community Centre. The current Association committee has just 6 members and while the Association luckily is represented by 2 persons from Cherry, Maple & Sycamore estates - the committee needs more members to promote its position in Fingal County Council and ensure the Association continues. You do not have to attend each meeting or participate in each activity, you do have to care for your community and have an open mind to other residents opinions. Come along to our next meeting and find out about CPRA!


NEXT MEETING - Monday April 15th at 8.00pm Castleknock Community Centre. All invited! Have a local query? Please attend! Or email us on

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association Meeting

1. Next Meeting is Monday April 1st 2013 at 8.00pm in Castleknock Community Centre, Laurel Lodge. All residents welcome - any queries or suggestions, please email to before 5pm Friday 29 Mar.

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association Meeting

1. Next Meeting is Monday February 4th 2013 at 8.15pm (NEW TIME) in Castleknock Community Centre, Laurel Lodge. All residents welcome - any queries or suggestions, please email to before 5pm Sunday 3rd February.
Items of note:-
a) Pot Holes on Sycamore Avenue. These have been added to the Winter Works programme by Fingal County Council since November last and we hope they will take these in hand very shortly. We note these have widened significantly since the original request was submitted in writing last autumn.
b) Also the tree at Maple Drive/Maple Roundabout (corner above Carpenterstown Park granite sign) is on the winter works programme for removal - cut back.
c) A request to Fingal County Council's Operations department in Coolmine to cut back the tree blocking Street Light No 4 (Sycamore Avenue adjacent to Sycamore Lawn) is listed for pruning during the Council's current pruning season.

Autumn Clean up Day!

C/o Castleknock Community Centre
When: Saturday 17th November
: 10am to 3pm
Meet: Tennis Courts – Sycamore Avenue for Bags,
Litter Pickers etc. Open to ALL AGES
Two collection points for rubbish this year!
See website for more details!

1. WATER DISRUPTION – from 7pm Tues 13/11 to 7am Weds 14/11.
Due to installation of a pressure release valve on the ‘trunk’ water line serving Blanchardstown/Castleknock – water may not be available in our area during the above TWELVE hours. Detailed list of sites available on Council’s website on Monday 12th November. Visit -click on WATER link.
2. Tennis Courts. New nets have been installed by the Council. Open to All Residents. Carpenterstown Tennis Club restarts lessons FOR ADULTS only in February 2013. To register for lessons, get more information, email
3. BURGLARIES –These are on the increase in the 3 estates. Put bikes in shed or house at night/when you are away. Lock cars/do not leave personal items in cars. Do not leave purses/keys within site of windows. Blanchardstown Gardai encourage everyone to use their house alarms if they have one. QUERY FOR LOCAL GARDAI?!
Blanchardstown Community Gards hold a Clinic weekly at Castleknock Community Centre, Wednesdays from 7pm to 8pm. Their direct phone is 01-666-7020.
4. Quality Bus Corridor. The Residents Association is pursuing Fingal County Council regarding ‘ghost lines’ which were to be installed Maple Roundabout (similar to those supplied at Carpenter roundabout at Castleknock Community College/Carpenterstown Pub). This is to control traffic speed at this location. We will keep you updated on this.
5. Tree Obstructing Traffic at Maple Drive. We are in communication with the Council to cut back the tree located directly at the back of the granite estate sign at Maple Drive. This is obstructing the view of drivers leaving Maple Drive looking up Carpenterstown Avenue to their RIGHT. It is also preventing motorists coming to Maple roundabout from seeing motorists on Maple Drive to their LEFT. We hope to have this resolved shortly.
Do you have a view on the above? Recently, a car drove OVER Maple roundabout and crashed just before 10am Sunday Services ended at St. Thomais the Apostle Church. Motorists not familiar with this area have told residents that they do not see Maple roundabout ahead until they are almost on it. A number of residents have complained that traffic speeds too fast from Laverna to Maple. The Council has advised there is not a problem at this section. We want to hear from YOU-
What is your opinion? Please email us at:-
Your opinion will be considered at our next Meeting so let us know.

NEXT MEETING – MONDAY 3rd December 2012
Castleknock Community Centre


AGM Update


Blanchardstown Gardai were represented by Gardai Cullen, Collins and Fayhan who due to time constraints took questions from Residents and local government representatives:-
Issues raised:-

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association's AGM

On Wednesday 9th November at 8pm Castleknock Community Centre, Laurel lodge.

It is important that all residents take an interest in their community, from both an appreciation of where they live and also to support its maintenance, especially with local Council services being cut back.  Your Residents Association would like more neighbours to take an interest in keeping Cherry, Maple and Sycamore attractive, comfortable places to live.

Public Meeting for the Residents of Dublin 15

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to inform you that the Fingal Joint Policing Committee will host a public meeting for the Residents of the Dublin 15 Area on Tuesday, October 25 2011 at 7.30 p.m. in Castleknock Community Centre, Laurel Lodge.

The Fingal Joint Policing Committee (JPC) provides a forum for An Garda Síochána, the Local Authority Members, Oireachtas Members and community interests, to get together in a regular and structured manner. At public meetings of the JPC an opportunity is provided for local residents to make observations, and address questions to the members of the JPC on matters relating to crime and anti-social behaviour, with a view to improving public safety within their local community.  This provides a unique opportunity for members of the community to feed into the partnership approach afforded by the existence of a JPC within their area.


Agenda for next meeting

Next meeting of

Carpenterstown park Residents Association

is on Monday 13th June at 7.00pm in Castleknock Community Centre.
Agenda so far includes:-
1.   Quality Bus Corridor - Trees for Sycamore Green & Roundabout Plantings-Update
2.   Estate roads - cracks thereon
3.   Appointing date for autumnal AGM (Sept/Oct)
4.   AOB
Again we only have the room for one hour, so we will go through these items at a good rate. All residents are requested to forward any concerns that they would like to be mentioned at the meeting?