House break-ins (D-15)

Gardaí have indicated that there has been an increase in the incidences of House Break-in’s in the Blanchardstown area recently. The target appears to be car keys that have been left out in view on hall tables and stands. Leaving car keys on hall tables allows thieves to fish the keys out through the letterbox and drive away in the owners car. Gardaí say that there is no clear pattern to these thefts and they are happening early in the morning and late in the evening with all areas in D-15 at risk.
So please be vigilant and always:
o       Lock all doors and windows
o       If you have an alarm use it
o       Don’t leave any valuables where passers by can see them
o       Never leave your car keys on hall stand or table overnight.

I would be obliged if you would pass on this information to your family, friends, neighbor’s and contact list. Visit, click on crime+ anti-social behaviour for further information on home and personal security.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas    
Philip Jennings
Co-ordinator, Safer Blanchardstown
Phone: Office 01-8708494 Mobile 0862934827