Clean Up

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Clean-up Year End

Clean Up year end

Clean-Up Day

Dear Resident(s),

We are holding our annual Spring clean-up Day this coming Saturday(24th) from 11am to 3PM.    (See attached !!) 


Information Update

The current officer roles are; Chairperson is Sean O' Neill, Secretary is Dympna Dolan and the Treasurer is Caroline Crawford.
The Autumn schedule of work includes two events, as follows:
1. The Bulb Planting programme will take place on Saturday, November 8th from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm. A selection of bulbs to include daffodils, crocuses and snowdrops will be planted. In the springtime next year and for years to come the residents in and visitors to our neighbourhood will have the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure that flowers can bring. This is a follow-on bulb planting programme from the one which commenced last autumn.
2.  The Leaf Clean Up Day will take place on Saturday, November 15th from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm.
All residents, in particular the children, are encouraged to participate in both events. However, if it's possible to make just one of them it's very much appreciated. 
The next committee meeting is scheduled for Monday 3rd November at 8.00 pm in the Community Centre 

Clean Up Day

Clean Up Day is on Saturday May 10th

CPRA Meeting!

Our next meeting will take place on Monday 3rd March 2014. 

Meeting Monday January 13th 2014. 

The Committee agreed at its January 13th meeting to meeting in March as there are no matters pending at this time. The next meeting on Monday March 3rd will focus on the Spring Clean Up Day and also any matters existing in the area. All interested Residents are encouraged to participate and please attend the next meeting! 
Water Meters Installation Currently in Progress
Irish Water have commenced via contractor Farrans and its subcontractors, water meter installation in and around Maple estate. Sycamore is to commence on or around Monday 20th January with Cherry Estate to follow
the 2 pamphlets which have been distributed to every home in the 3 estates. The 1st introduces Irish Water and the steps being taken to install water metres. The 2nd gives the installation date for your home on its front and describes the water meter installation process. As it says in the leaflet - NONE OF THE EMPLOYEES CARRYING OUT THE INSTALLATION PROCESS NEED ACCESS TO YOUR HOME! Residents should never give any stranger access to their home for any reason without due caution. 

If you have any queries during the installation process, please contact Irish Water on 1890 278 278.

Clean Up Day


Location: Cherry / Sycamore / Maple Estates

When: Saturday 9th November, 2013



HELP Beautify CARPENTERSTOWN PARK! Volunteers of A-L-L A-G-E-S needed to plant Daffodil Bulbs. 
Come out and see your efforts G-R-O-W next S-P-R-I-N-G

Also seeking Volunteers to Prune and Clear Tree Trunk bases!

Thanks to All Residents who have come out in Years Passed

Bring your Thermos - Tea/Coffee/Biscuits/Sweets Provided 

Need more Info? Check out Residents Association Website: or email!


An Taisce Clean Up Day

The Committee would like to thank all residents who came out to help of all ages on Saturday 27th April. We had a lot of support and want to offer special thanks to Fingal County Council's Castleknock/Mulhuddart Depot - with special thanks to Tony and his colleague " for the two collections they carried out in Carpenterstown Park. 


WHEN: Saturday 27th APRIL 11am to 3pm
MEET:  Near Tennis Courts, Sycamore Green

Once again, an Estates-wide CLEAN UP DAY will take place on the above date. Bags will be supplied - please collect from path near Tennis Courts. We invite you to join in from your road. Great way to meet neighbours if you've just moved in and get involved in YOUR community. We will try to have more than 1 collection point for bags - a note will be going around. We invite you to bring your own Tea/Coffe at 3pm and join us - biscuits will be provided. With thanks to the FCC Environmental Crew at Coolmine Depot and An Taisce.

Carpenterstown Park's Clean Up Day

Please put on your Calendar - Carpenterstown Park's Clean Up Day (in conjunction with An Taisce), will take place on Saturday 27th April from 11am to 3pm


Cherry, Maple and Sycamore held a Clean Up Day on Saturday 17th November. With the support and great help of Jim and Freddie from Fingal County Council's Environmental Department, leaves and rubbish were collected from most roads in the estate. Unsung heroes of the day go to the Residents of Sycamore Avenue, Sycamore Park, Maple Avenue and Maple Drive who were out first thing sweeping footpaths and gathering up bags of leaves before our 10am start. 


Annual Clean up Day!

Dublin West Green Party plan to hold their annual cleanup of the Royal Canal banks on Saturday 26 May,  between 12th Lock and Kirkpatrick Bridge (Coolmine Station.)   
We will meet at
Castleknock Rail Station at  1.00 pm, and will finish around 3pm.   As usual we've registered with An Taisce as part of the National Spring Clean.
If anyone would like to join in - even for a short stint - most welcome.  Weather forecast sounds good.
Kind regards,
Carpenterstown Park Residents Association

Leaf Collection Day!

To All Residents of Maple/Sycamore and Cherry Estates
Bring a rake and help us sweep up what Autumn has left behind. This will provide more safety on our roads and help unblock our shores.
Where: Tennis Courts (Sycamore Green)
When:  10am to 1pm
Bags:   Provided by Residents Association at Tennis Courts
Fingal County Council is facilitating us by collecting these either Saturday or Monday morning. Please - PASS THE WORD AROUND as no leaflet notification is available for this event.

Clean Up Day

WANTED - KIDS, TEENS & ADULTS! Bring your own gloves please!
Saturday 24 Sep 2011 11:00am to 1:00pm.

Royal Canal-bank Clean-up

Royal Canal-bank Clean-up

Dublin West Greens weren’t free to undertake the annual canal clean up in April/May. An Taisce are happy for the event to be held on Saturday, June 18th, and they have confirmed insurance cover. Fingal County Council have agreed to collect our “harvest” as usual at the end of the clean-up. Wear old clothes and strong shoes, and bring gloves please. Details below:

Royal Canal-bank
organised by Dublin West Greens,
Sponsored by An Taisce :

Saturday 18th June
meet 2 pm at Castleknock Station

Tel. 087-6360 787

Clean-up Day

The Carpenterstown Park residents started gathering at Tennis court greens at around 10:30am. Resource materials like gloves, bags, litter pickers e.t.c. were provided by the Carpenterstown park Residents association. Within an hours time lot of kids came out along with their parents to help in this cause. It generated quite an excitement among them as everyone was keen to bring in a bigger bag full of litter. Many residents got to know each other through this healthy exercise. Some residents got their shovels out and started uprooting the weeds alongside the Sycamore avenue. Within two hours loads of litter bags filled and piled up under the Carpenterstown park Residents association banner. Later on, in liaison with Fingal County Council, litter bags were collected by their staff. Carpenterstown park Residents association had also some refreshments and goodies for the kids in the shape of chocolates, sweets, chips, juices, fizzy drinks and biscuits.

Clean-up Day

Clean-up Day

WANTED - KIDS, TEENS & ADULTS! Bring your own gloves please!
Saturday 7th May 2011 10.30am to 2.30pm.
The good weather has arrived - its time to enjoy the benefits of having a front/back space and local greens for everyone to enjoy! No matter what the economic climate – we can all contribute keep it looking well. Read More...

Upcoming events!

Enriching the environment for the whole community (

Carpenterstown Park


We plan to have two clean-up Saturdays, in May and late September.  Also, we hope to enter the Tidy Districts competition run by
Fingal CoCo. We won awards on the two occasions we competed.   As well, we will continue to have a friendly relationship with the local Fingal staff, who have always been attentive and helpful to our efforts.   Also, we hope to get acquainted with the Fingal County Development Plan which is being finalised.