Leaf Collection Day!

To All Residents of Maple/Sycamore and Cherry Estates
Bring a rake and help us sweep up what Autumn has left behind. This will provide more safety on our roads and help unblock our shores.
Where: Tennis Courts (Sycamore Green)
When:  10am to 1pm
Bags:   Provided by Residents Association at Tennis Courts
Fingal County Council is facilitating us by collecting these either Saturday or Monday morning. Please - PASS THE WORD AROUND as no leaflet notification is available for this event.
This idea was thanks to a suggestion from a resident of Sycamore Park! Any other suggestions? Email them
in to
If you have a neighbour who would like to be kept up to date on events and local news - please ask them to email us and have their name added.
Kind regards,
Carpenterstown Park Residents Association