Sighting of Rodents in Sycamore Estate

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association

have received a communication from a resident advising of rodent sighted in Sycamore Estate. Residents are asked to be vigilant. If you suspect rodent activity in or around your property, please contact Health Service Executive, Pest Control Service below.

H.S.E. Pest Control provides a free Rodent Control to householders in Fingal. Their phone number is:-
Dublin North County Fingal
01 809 8300
Health Service Executive, Environmental Health, First Floor, Unit 5 Block 4B, Blanchardstown Corporate Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin 15
Additional household advice can be found on their following web page:-

Carpenterstown Park residents

are asked NOT TO LEAVE OUT FOOD FOR BIRDS (e.g bread/chicken bones etc) and to clean their drains regularly - e.g., food remnants from dishwashers could be caught in these , etc. By taking precautions, the rodent risk can be lowered.  

Some other suggestions from one of the

Carpenterstown Parks' residents.

The most common cause of rats in an area that is not prone to rubbish or litter is the abundance of nuts/grain & dry food. Typically bird seed feeders are for winter they should not be used in the summer months where there is a large availability of insects. This together with a low water table would draw rats into the open in search of fresh water on showery days. Infestation can occur very quickly in an area so residents should be vigilant. Also people with compost bins should ensure the bin is sealed tight at all times and where possible positioned way from a decking area or raised shed.A layer of coffee grounds in a compost bin  may also reduce the chances of a rats interest.