Clean-up Day

The Carpenterstown Park residents started gathering at Tennis court greens at around 10:30am. Resource materials like gloves, bags, litter pickers e.t.c. were provided by the Carpenterstown park Residents association. Within an hours time lot of kids came out along with their parents to help in this cause. It generated quite an excitement among them as everyone was keen to bring in a bigger bag full of litter. Many residents got to know each other through this healthy exercise. Some residents got their shovels out and started uprooting the weeds alongside the Sycamore avenue. Within two hours loads of litter bags filled and piled up under the Carpenterstown park Residents association banner. Later on, in liaison with Fingal County Council, litter bags were collected by their staff. Carpenterstown park Residents association had also some refreshments and goodies for the kids in the shape of chocolates, sweets, chips, juices, fizzy drinks and biscuits.