House break-ins (D-15)

Gardaí have indicated that there has been an increase in the incidences of House Break-in’s in the Blanchardstown area recently. The target appears to be car keys that have been left out in view on hall tables and stands. Leaving car keys on hall tables allows thieves to fish the keys out through the letterbox and drive away in the owners car. Gardaí say that there is no clear pattern to these thefts and they are happening early in the morning and late in the evening with all areas in D-15 at risk. Read More...

Robbery in Sycamore Park

All Residents are being informed that a house on Sycamore Park has been robbed last week somewhere in the mid afternoon. All Residents are requested to be very vigilant and keep a close eye on surrounding areas in their neighbourhood.

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association

2nd Leaf Collection Day!

To All Residents of Maple/Sycamore and Cherry Estates
ON SATURDAY 3 December 2011
Bring a rake and help us sweep up what Autumn has left behind. This will provide more safety on our roads and help unblock our shores.
Where: Tennis Courts (Sycamore Green)
When:  10am to 1pm
Bags:   Provided by Residents Association at Tennis Courts
Fingal County Council is facilitating us by collecting these at 13:00. Please - PASS THE WORD AROUND as no leaflet notification is available for this event.

Leaf Collection Day!

To All Residents of Maple/Sycamore and Cherry Estates
Bring a rake and help us sweep up what Autumn has left behind. This will provide more safety on our roads and help unblock our shores.
Where: Tennis Courts (Sycamore Green)
When:  10am to 1pm
Bags:   Provided by Residents Association at Tennis Courts
Fingal County Council is facilitating us by collecting these either Saturday or Monday morning. Please - PASS THE WORD AROUND as no leaflet notification is available for this event.

Avoid potential vandalism and littering

"A resident on Sycamore Avenue has contacted us with concern regarding bins, particularly green bins being left out the night before collection. Several bins from Sycamore View and the Avenue have been recently removed, with rubbish inside being burned and the bins themselves, on occasion, being thrown into a fire and melting down. If residents can avoid leaving their bins out, they may avoid the potential cost of a new bin and polluting the environment." Read More...

AGM Update


Blanchardstown Gardai were represented by Gardai Cullen, Collins and Fayhan who due to time constraints took questions from Residents and local government representatives:-
Issues raised:-

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association's AGM

On Wednesday 9th November at 8pm Castleknock Community Centre, Laurel lodge.

It is important that all residents take an interest in their community, from both an appreciation of where they live and also to support its maintenance, especially with local Council services being cut back.  Your Residents Association would like more neighbours to take an interest in keeping Cherry, Maple and Sycamore attractive, comfortable places to live.

Public Meeting for the Residents of Dublin 15

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to inform you that the Fingal Joint Policing Committee will host a public meeting for the Residents of the Dublin 15 Area on Tuesday, October 25 2011 at 7.30 p.m. in Castleknock Community Centre, Laurel Lodge.

The Fingal Joint Policing Committee (JPC) provides a forum for An Garda Síochána, the Local Authority Members, Oireachtas Members and community interests, to get together in a regular and structured manner. At public meetings of the JPC an opportunity is provided for local residents to make observations, and address questions to the members of the JPC on matters relating to crime and anti-social behaviour, with a view to improving public safety within their local community.  This provides a unique opportunity for members of the community to feed into the partnership approach afforded by the existence of a JPC within their area.


Farmers' Market

Farmers' Market. The Coolmine Farmers Market is held every Saturday on Grove Road between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. People are encouraged to attend the market and to take stalls if interested. Read More...


There have been confirmed reports of rodents in the area. Fingal County Council has laid baits and put up public notices to this effect. However, some residents are also laying baits and this is to be strongly discouraged. Such baits are harmful to other wildlife such as hedgehogs and owners' dogs. 

Clean Up Day

WANTED - KIDS, TEENS & ADULTS! Bring your own gloves please!
Saturday 24 Sep 2011 11:00am to 1:00pm.


13th July 2011
 In order to facilitate essential works on the replacement of Water mains at Blanchardstown Village it is proposed to introduce the following temporary road closures and lane restrictions from Monday 8th August to Monday 29th August, 2011.
Castleknock Road – to be closed from Roselawn Road for traffic travelling towards Main Street, Blanchardstown except for residents of this part of Castleknock Road including Woodpark.

Water Pressure Reduction in Greater Castleknock Area: 

Water Pressure Reduction in Greater Castleknock Area: 

There will be reduction in water pressure on Tuesday 26th July between the hours of 10am and 5pm.  As part of the Blanchardstown Rehabilitation Programme it will be necessary to switch the flow of water for a period of time in August.  A test switch is being carried out to ensure that a water supply will be available to consumers while these works are being undertaken.  If you experience complete loss of water supply please advise us on 8906210. Read More...

Grass verges!

"All Carpenterstown Park residents are reminded that if their plants/hedges or tree branches are preventing pedestrian access along public footpaths - they have a responsibility to cut them back. Public footpaths are the property of Fingal County Council and as such are required to be 'kept clear' at all times. Disabled residents rely heavily on our area's footpaths to be clear. Please check your green growth and cut it back if it's growing beyond your property. You'll be giving back to your community!" Read More...

Sighting of Rodents in Sycamore Estate

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association

have received a communication from a resident advising of rodent sighted in Sycamore Estate. Residents are asked to be vigilant. If you suspect rodent activity in or around your property, please contact Health Service Executive, Pest Control Service below.


UPC Connection Problems!

carpenterstown park

Connection Problems!

If you are experiencing difficulty in connecting to the new
UPC Digital package (e.g., phone / broadband / t.v) because of services in your area being blocked, we would like to hear from you. This is to gauge how many households are without access to the full services promised for launch back in April 2011. Please leave your comments here.

Brian Lenihan T.D. R.I.P.

carpenterstown park

Brian Lenihan T.D. R.I.P.

The Committee of Carpenterstown Park Residents Association wish to acknowledge the death and loss of our local T.D., Deputy Brian Lenihan.  

Our condolences are with both his wife, Patricia and their two children at this time. Mr. Lenihan was of invaluable support to this Residents Association during its re-formation in 2002 and in the years since. He was instrumental in getting
Fingal County Council and Iaranrod Eireann to repair our broken railway wall at Sycamore Green in 2004/5. Read More...

Agenda for next meeting

Next meeting of

Carpenterstown park Residents Association

is on Monday 13th June at 7.00pm in Castleknock Community Centre.
Agenda so far includes:-
1.   Quality Bus Corridor - Trees for Sycamore Green & Roundabout Plantings-Update
2.   Estate roads - cracks thereon
3.   Appointing date for autumnal AGM (Sept/Oct)
4.   AOB
Again we only have the room for one hour, so we will go through these items at a good rate. All residents are requested to forward any concerns that they would like to be mentioned at the meeting?


Royal Canal-bank Clean-up

Royal Canal-bank Clean-up

Dublin West Greens weren’t free to undertake the annual canal clean up in April/May. An Taisce are happy for the event to be held on Saturday, June 18th, and they have confirmed insurance cover. Fingal County Council have agreed to collect our “harvest” as usual at the end of the clean-up. Wear old clothes and strong shoes, and bring gloves please. Details below:

Royal Canal-bank
organised by Dublin West Greens,
Sponsored by An Taisce :

Saturday 18th June
meet 2 pm at Castleknock Station

Tel. 087-6360 787

Clean-up Day

The Carpenterstown Park residents started gathering at Tennis court greens at around 10:30am. Resource materials like gloves, bags, litter pickers e.t.c. were provided by the Carpenterstown park Residents association. Within an hours time lot of kids came out along with their parents to help in this cause. It generated quite an excitement among them as everyone was keen to bring in a bigger bag full of litter. Many residents got to know each other through this healthy exercise. Some residents got their shovels out and started uprooting the weeds alongside the Sycamore avenue. Within two hours loads of litter bags filled and piled up under the Carpenterstown park Residents association banner. Later on, in liaison with Fingal County Council, litter bags were collected by their staff. Carpenterstown park Residents association had also some refreshments and goodies for the kids in the shape of chocolates, sweets, chips, juices, fizzy drinks and biscuits.

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association Newsletter Issue 1, May 11

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association Newsletter

The Carpenterstown Park Residents Association newsletter has been printed and is in the process of distribution to the houses. You can also view it here on the site.

Launch of Carpenterstown Park Residents Association website

Launch of Carpenterstown Park Residents Association Website

On Monday, 9th May 2011, at its next monthly meeting, your Residents Association will launch its new website at
Castleknock Community Centre (Laurel Lodge) at 7.00pm. All Residents of Cherry, Maple & Sycamore are invited to come view the new website live. Read More...

Clean-up Day

Clean-up Day

WANTED - KIDS, TEENS & ADULTS! Bring your own gloves please!
Saturday 7th May 2011 10.30am to 2.30pm.
The good weather has arrived - its time to enjoy the benefits of having a front/back space and local greens for everyone to enjoy! No matter what the economic climate – we can all contribute keep it looking well. Read More...

Plant Sale

Plant Sale!

Castleknock Community College Saturday & Sunday 7th & 8th May 10am to 5pm.
The 9th Annual Plant Sale for this local VEC school will take place on the above dates. Read More...



John Craddock & Co. are currently completing works to the QBC corridor on Carpenterstown Avenue between Maple & Laverna roundabouts. We want to thank many Residents, especially who took action and prevented:- Read More...



Digital Upgrade

Carpenterstown Park residents subscribing to UPC have reported that some have had their cable transmission ‘cancelled’ without notice and/or difficulties with UPC transmission since work began in our estates in February. If you have an ongoing problem, we recommend that you contact UPC directly on 1908 (Technical difficulties).

QBC Corridor along Carpenterstown Ave.

Quality Bus Corridor in

Carpenterstown Park


In line with the Dublin Transportation Office document "A platform for change", one of the Council's aims is to prioritize public transport by safeguarding future rail and bus routes, and by promoting the provision and improvement of QBC's and bus priority measures.
The Council's objective (as per Development Plan 2005 - 2011) is to secure the development of new QBC's and extend existing QBC's.

Current Schemes:
  • Swords QBC Extension
  • R108 Bus Priority  Scheme
  • Blakestown Way QBC
  • Castleknock QBC
  • Huntstown Way QBC


Upcoming events!

Enriching the environment for the whole community (

Carpenterstown Park


We plan to have two clean-up Saturdays, in May and late September.  Also, we hope to enter the Tidy Districts competition run by
Fingal CoCo. We won awards on the two occasions we competed.   As well, we will continue to have a friendly relationship with the local Fingal staff, who have always been attentive and helpful to our efforts.   Also, we hope to get acquainted with the Fingal County Development Plan which is being finalised.