Minutes of the Meeting

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association

Minutes of Meeting

Date: Monday May 11, 2015
Venue: Community Centre
Time: 8.00 p.m.

Attendance: Caroline Crawford, Dympna Dolan, Eileen Lambert, Margaret Lawlor, Damien O’ Brien and Sean O’ Neill.

1. Minutes:
The minutes of the previous meeting were adapted.
2. Matters Arising:
Following the last meeting some discussion took place about issues which could be raised with the county councillors on May 28th. Sean agreed to represent the Association and Damien will attend also if he is available. Sean distributed a list of the key issues which were devised following consultation with committee members at the last meeting. Broadly speaking they included: traffic, dog and general litter management, street cleaning and cleaning of tennis courts. A suggestion was also made to develop Sycamore Green by putting in place looped walkway and exercise equipment similar to other facilities in the area.

3. Treasurer’s Report:
The current bank balance stands at €2,805.02. Dabney Melia is still a signatory on the bank account. As she is no longer an officer or committee member her name needs to be taken off and Margaret offered to replace Dabney in this role. Arrangements will be made soon for Caroline, Dabney and Margaret to go to the bank to finalise details. Receipt books need to be bought for subscriptions.
4. Website Domain Renewal;
Damien offered to follow up with Damien Carbery in relation to the management of and method of payment for website work and hosting of the domain name. He will discuss with Damien registering CPRA and other matters.
5. Text Alert Flyer:
Margaret and Sean reported on the April meeting of Residents groups with the Gardai in Blanchardstown. There were about fifteen groups represented and one in particular reported very positively on the text alert system offered by Sendmode. Margaret suggested that a sub committee be set up to deal with this project. Written permission needs to be sought from residents who wish to sign up to the system. Margaret offered to contact the resident group and get a copy of the form they used. She is to design a draft one for our Association and circulate amongst committee members for feedback and input. She also offered to set up the database following receipt of residents’ permission and contact details. It was agreed that a committee meeting be scheduled to progress matter
6. AOB:
The next meeting will be on Monday May 25, 2015 at 8.00 pm