AGM Update


Blanchardstown Gardai were represented by Gardai Cullen, Collins and Fayhan who due to time constraints took questions from Residents and local government representatives:-
Issues raised:-
1. Were there any incidents in this area at Halloween? Garda Collins advised incidents primarily occurred around Auburn Avenue/Pecks Lane near Castleknock Village.
2. Gardai were advised that number of wheelie bins were taken from Sycamore View and burned on the local Green. Gardai advised that local residents should be advised to keep wheelie bins under lock and behind back gates.
3. Concern was raised over Cherry Avenue and young people hanging out in this vicinity. Gardai asked if any calls had been placed and encouraged Residents to use confidential helpline or phone them on Community Police number 666-7020.
4. Also concern regarding loitering near Sycamore Park bus stop and urinating on private property by young people was raised by local Resident.
5. Concerns raised about traffic calming measures since QBC constructed.
Gardai were advised about one local pizza delivery service in Laurel Lodge whose drivers appear to be on their mobile phones constantly. This was seconded by other residents present. Garda Collins advised he would look into this matter and have this conveyed to the local pizza service.
6. Garda Collins also advised that he would convey concerns regarding traffic calming to Garda Mickey McCoy. Residents Association advised they would email Garda McCoy regarding this issue also.
7. Anti-social activity at Spar Shopping Centre raised by one Resident and concern that Gardai are not logging calls at Station. Garda Collins advised callers to get name of Garda when making report and advised he would follow this up at Station in relation to concerns that calls are not being monitored once placed.

Gardai were thanked for their time and encouraged residents to also to write to them via:-

Minutes from last AGM 23 April 2009 with synopsis of achievements by Association including:-
1. 3 Clean Up Days since 2010.
2. QBC successfully negotiated with snag listing carried out by Association.
3. Tennis Courts utilized in local tennis programme.
4. Residents Association Website successfully launched 7 May 2011 with ribbon cutting by Peter Donaldson World Class Rower.

Association asked the floor if anyone was interested in going forward for Chairperson and Secretarial Roles. No response was received and the matter was adjourned to the next Committee Meeting which will be held on Monday 5 December 2011.

Meeting then went to question and answer session with Residents:-
Items raised included:-

• Grass verges; whose responsibility? Cllr. Eithne Loftus and Cllr Peggy Hamill pointed out that while they belong to the Council – the Council does not have the finances to carry out such works. These responsibilities fall to the Residents.
• The Residents Association received praise in relation to its current balance and when carrying out the next collection, Committee Members were encouraged to collect an email address from each residents so any notification can be sent by email to their home.
• Concern was raised regarding leaves and local gutters, especially the gully outside 1A Sycamore Avenue. Query was raised if the Council can clean the roads?
• Concern raised over no lights at Bramley walkway, over Bramley green. This matter was discussed as to a discouragement of anti-social behaviour and gathering young people at this location.
• Committee member Ather also suggested that that residents should give suggestions, comments and links for the site. He also suggested putting together a page for young people, crosswords, challenges that young people could participate in. He especially voiced the need to include young people in Clean Up days and activities in the local area-that young people were eager to participate.

The meeting closed with the next meeting of the Association to take place on Monday 5 December 2011 at Castleknock Community Centre.