Burglaries in the Area!

Dear Resident(s),

We are contacting you to inform you of a recent spate of burglaries in the Carpenterstown/Riverwood & Luttrelstown areas in the past weeks/month.  

At the beginning of March, the Riverwood resident's  association forwarded on an email in which they indicated they had four burglaries in the one night. 

Then on the night of 16th/17th March, two houses were broken into in Sycamore & Maple.    And again on the 23rd, two more houses were burgled.   

The Gardaí are aware of all the incidents and are actively investigating these crimes, with some definite leads into a number of groups. 

Security Issues!

Hi Everyone,
It has been brought to the attention of the CPRA that there have been a number of robberies in the local area over the last few weeks and months. We would like to pass on some useful tips on how to protect yourself and your property over the Christmas Season.

1) Secure all Doors and Windows
2) Light up your home, use timer switches when out
3) Stores keys safely and away from windows and letterboxes
4) Record details of Valuables and Don't keep large amounts of cash at home
5) Use your Alarm, even when at home

CPRA update

MESSAGE FROM Community Gardai

Our Community Garda Michael McCoy has advised that there has been another big drop in Burglaries over the past 3 months in our vicinity. One robbery occurred in OAKTREE estate, and one in MAPLE within that time. In one instance, he advises keys were fished out through the letter box and in another access was gained through a back door. Garda McCoy advises the fishing through the letterbox is still being used actively – advice is DO NOT LEAVE YOUR KEYS within reach of your letterbox. He also advised several arrests have taken place in the Castleknock area and this appears to have helped to lower the crime rates.

Burglary Activity!

"This Residents Association has been advised by Blanchardstown Community Gardai that a lot of burglary activity affecting mostly Castleknock village and surrounding areas, including Carpenterstown / Riverwood took place last week. Residents should continue to be vigilant regarding their home safety and security. We have been advised that unsecured windows-even small ones, are a becoming a major focus for home entry, so don't leave your upstairs window on the latch when you go out - CLOSE THE WINDOW AND SECURE IT."  

Autumn Clean up Day!

C/o Castleknock Community Centre
Email: carpenterstownparkresidents@gmail.com
When: Saturday 17th November
: 10am to 3pm
Meet: Tennis Courts – Sycamore Avenue for Bags,
Litter Pickers etc. Open to ALL AGES
Two collection points for rubbish this year!
See website for more details!

1. WATER DISRUPTION – from 7pm Tues 13/11 to 7am Weds 14/11.
Due to installation of a pressure release valve on the ‘trunk’ water line serving Blanchardstown/Castleknock – water may not be available in our area during the above TWELVE hours. Detailed list of sites available on Council’s website on Monday 12th November. Visit www.fingalcoco.ie -click on WATER link.
2. Tennis Courts. New nets have been installed by the Council. Open to All Residents. Carpenterstown Tennis Club restarts lessons FOR ADULTS only in February 2013. To register for lessons, get more information, email carpenterstowntc@gmail.com.
3. BURGLARIES –These are on the increase in the 3 estates. Put bikes in shed or house at night/when you are away. Lock cars/do not leave personal items in cars. Do not leave purses/keys within site of windows. Blanchardstown Gardai encourage everyone to use their house alarms if they have one. QUERY FOR LOCAL GARDAI?!
Blanchardstown Community Gards hold a Clinic weekly at Castleknock Community Centre, Wednesdays from 7pm to 8pm. Their direct phone is 01-666-7020.
4. Quality Bus Corridor. The Residents Association is pursuing Fingal County Council regarding ‘ghost lines’ which were to be installed Maple Roundabout (similar to those supplied at Carpenter roundabout at Castleknock Community College/Carpenterstown Pub). This is to control traffic speed at this location. We will keep you updated on this.
5. Tree Obstructing Traffic at Maple Drive. We are in communication with the Council to cut back the tree located directly at the back of the granite estate sign at Maple Drive. This is obstructing the view of drivers leaving Maple Drive looking up Carpenterstown Avenue to their RIGHT. It is also preventing motorists coming to Maple roundabout from seeing motorists on Maple Drive to their LEFT. We hope to have this resolved shortly.
Do you have a view on the above? Recently, a car drove OVER Maple roundabout and crashed just before 10am Sunday Services ended at St. Thomais the Apostle Church. Motorists not familiar with this area have told residents that they do not see Maple roundabout ahead until they are almost on it. A number of residents have complained that traffic speeds too fast from Laverna to Maple. The Council has advised there is not a problem at this section. We want to hear from YOU-
What is your opinion? Please email us at:-
Your opinion will be considered at our next Meeting so let us know.

NEXT MEETING – MONDAY 3rd December 2012
Castleknock Community Centre