Security Issues!

Hi Everyone,
It has been brought to the attention of the CPRA that there have been a number of robberies in the local area over the last few weeks and months. We would like to pass on some useful tips on how to protect yourself and your property over the Christmas Season.

1) Secure all Doors and Windows
2) Light up your home, use timer switches when out
3) Stores keys safely and away from windows and letterboxes
4) Record details of Valuables and Don't keep large amounts of cash at home
5) Use your Alarm, even when at home


Due to the significant rise in reported breakins in Cherry, Maple and Sycamore homes, Residents are asked to keep items like bicycles, mowers etc locked up in their sheds and turn on your alarms when you go out. Also, please remember to report any break-ins to your local gardai!

House break-ins (D-15)

Gardaí have indicated that there has been an increase in the incidences of House Break-in’s in the Blanchardstown area recently. The target appears to be car keys that have been left out in view on hall tables and stands. Leaving car keys on hall tables allows thieves to fish the keys out through the letterbox and drive away in the owners car. Gardaí say that there is no clear pattern to these thefts and they are happening early in the morning and late in the evening with all areas in D-15 at risk. Read More...

Robbery in Sycamore Park

All Residents are being informed that a house on Sycamore Park has been robbed last week somewhere in the mid afternoon. All Residents are requested to be very vigilant and keep a close eye on surrounding areas in their neighbourhood.

Carpenterstown Park Residents Association